Cagliari overlooks the Gulf of the Angels on the southern coast of Sardinia.

The capital of the island has a soul divided between its millenary history, culture, nature, seaside tourism and nightlife: the right mix that fascinates the visitor, intrigued by the views of Castello, from the ramparts and the Roman ruins, the sea of Sardinia, the dynamism of a city surprisingly alive.

City suspended between heaven, earth and water.

The water in Cagliari is not only the sea. Just a short walk from the long beach you can find lagoons and natural reserves, unique in Europe: in the ancient Saline (salt flats), which at sunset offer red-purple shades, the elegant pink flamingos have found an ideal habitat.

The city is bordered to the east from the pond of Molentargius, a natural park and perfect habitat for many plants and animal species. To the west instead, there’s the pond of Santa Gilla, magical place of the first Carthaginians settlements. Built on seven hills which identify city neighbourhoods (Castello, Tuvumannu, Tuvixeddu, Monte Claro, Monte Urpinu, Bonaria, San Michele), the town had its nucleus in the Castello district, which can overlook the surrounding area.

Green area of the city is the peaceful Botanical Garden, which in the shadow of its centenary ficus trees, preserves ancient Roman cisterns and hosts rare examples of Mediterranean and tropical flora.

Magnificent views can be enjoyed from the top of the town hills: from Giardini Pubblici and Terrapieno, Monte Urpinu, Colle di San Michele and the park of Monte Claro.





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